Bugseed • E.S.T. (Beat Tape) [@Bugseed]

Out the gate, this tapes a banger with Bugseed's signature booming drums over expertly chopped jazz relics.  His prolific catalog is chock full of mad smoothness for contemplative backdrops or facilitating aesthetic thought in a deep space.  But this is another example of how he isn't beholden to just the chillness of a subdued vibe that plays the subtle background; this goes a lil harder with a hype intensity that functions better as a sequence of boom bap chambers a freestaolin monk could train his/her way through to sharpen their verbal tongue fu. 

Slightly darker and more cinematic in scope, it harkens to a strong Black Moon/Beat Minerz influence without outright jacking the same samples (as is often done nowadays, for better or worse) ... More ominous than mellow, but spacious enough that the MC has all the room and boom underneath to elevate their bar swordplay to a vicious and aggressive degree.  As it progresses, however, the diversity of jazz textures pushes the vibe into somewhat lighter, more golden era tints as the booms boom, and the baps blap.  No one in the production game right now is better at getting the rhythm to crack quite like Bugseed.  The swing may feel reminiscent at times, but he'll hop out of any box u put him in real quick, for example the hard bopping swag of "stretch arm" ... then the bass lines...damn. Make sure u got this on a system cuz his low end game is crucial.

What you're not gonna hear is any epic jump in the sophistication of his arrangements or complexity of layers. He tends to stick with a formula that works for him, and to be honest, it doesn't try to be much more than loops and breaks. For the aficionados, he's one of the illest out now doin that classic form of boom bap. I stand by my assertion that while vastly different in basic approach and tone, I believe Bugseed is what every Nujabes (RIP) head would want as a continuation of that jazzy BoomBap legacy from Japan.  You definitely catch the flavor of East Tokyo life from this sonic journey sculpted by a personal fav of yours truly. - NoFace out.