Bombay Boyz • Sapphire Theory (EP) [@bombayboyzmusic]

Bombay Boyz, a Chicago-based group comprised of Eric Wilhelm, from Nebraska, and Harrison Maxwell, from Colorado. Despite coming from different states they met in Omaha in 2010, ever since then they have collaborated. They want to bring a new unique sound of their own mixed with the Midwestern style. They want to bring back the large-scale popularity of conscious and lyrical rap. Now let's get into the project; Sapphire Theory.

The EP is a six song project that is amazing. It starts with Thymble, my personal favorite track on this EP. It hits hard right off the back. The whole tape has these light beats that are beautiful. The vocals mesh perfectly with their cathartic instrumentals. I would go in depth on the lyrical content of this tape, but I do not want to ruin the first listen for anyone. However, just know they have some hard hitting lyrics. They also don't fall into the standard Soundcloud rap AKA Lil Pump/SmokePurp. These guys have undeniable talent and I look forward to their next project. This is quite the amazing tape and I recommend you listen to it.

Overall 8/10