Vince Staples • Big Fish Theory (Album) [@vincestaples]

The Long Beach native, Vince Staples, released Big Fish Theory, his sophomore album about a week ago. Since then I have listened to it nonstop. Vince really portrays such a beautiful narrative of the grim life of the streets and even goes as far as to talk about how rappers are seen and how they see themselves. Coming from Summertime '06, which was a dark and melancholy take on Gangster Rap, he switched up the style of the album sonically but not lyrically. Vince changed the sound of the record to be more Techno/EDM. he got several producers such as; GTA, Flume, SOPHIE and various others. However, he really shows his ability to write thought provoking songs with complex meanings on this project. He flows over these electronic beats with superb fractured verses that really makes you think. Similar to his project Prima Donna, Big Fish Theory also addressed the idea of suicide and the feelings of depression. Staples raps on Party People, Propaganda, press pan the camera/Please don’t look at me in my face/Everybody might see my pain/Off the rail, might off myself.” This here shows you his feelings and he truly feels like he might go crazy and end his life, in fact the pre-chorus on that song says, "How I'm supposed to have a good time When death and destruction's all I see? Out of sight, I'm out of my mind". It further shows Vince's outlook on his inner-self, partying, and his own depleting sanity. Now, while Vince takes the main stage on this album, he also has quite a few features such as; Kilo Kish, Ray J, and even Juicy J. But, the most important feature, in my opinion, is the guest verse by Kendrick Lamar on Yeah Right. This track further fleshes out the outlook he has on several rap tropes. Vince attacks rappers who only talk about how rich they are, how famous they are, how poppin they are, and various other topics such as the women who are gold diggers and the attraction to jewels and chains. This project truly, in my opinion, is the best rap album of 2017 so far, the only complaint I have about it is that it's rather short at only 36 minutes, but the complexity and a number of words crammed into each song more than makes up for it. 

Overall 10/10