A look into Who is DeeJay Miggz ?

DeeJay Miggz : Photograhy by Alberto Roa

DeeJay Miggz : Photograhy by Alberto Roa

Chicago leaves no space for error when it comes to being great at what you do.

Social media is my passion but when I was a kid I dreamed of being a DJ.

DJ's control what makes that one girl you see in the corner move the way she moves, while at the same time keeping the bartender in his groove focus on the order's  at the same time enjoying himself cause he know DeejayMiggz is in the building. Miggz moves the crowed.

I was in the studio last night with the team working on two new projects. Miggz was adamant on finishing up, planing to release it the following day. The work ethic of a true DJ is just important as the music he or she collects . As a artist we all want the DJ or producer etc, to go that extra mile when hosting a mix-tape or simply giving drops  .

This is what DJ Miggz brings to his craft every night as he moves the crowed. I look forward to working with Miggz in the future as he continues to perfect his craft. He is has a great team as well, WESTWING.

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