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Dope Godz - Homer Simp-Sin (Single)



Energy is not the word I'm looking for. When it comes to the chemistry between these three HipHop artist, the only word that comes to mind is "dope". Right now most of the music coming out of Chicago has that trap/ drill feel . Dope Godz consist of three cool dudes who go by the names of Mille B. Migo, Narley Marlee, B.T the Bud Tender.


As a true fan of hiphop, if I like, it I like it . The Hip-hop side of music is always changing. That's why originality is important when it come to recording your music . The Dope Godz bring nothing but energy in their new track Homer Simp-sin. From the jump the beat bangs & the track is mixed very well. Even though they are all solo artists,  when they work together everything comes to life for the Godz.

I can see this track being played at those late night house parties. B.T opens the track with a unique flow pattern. Mille B. Migo & Narley close the casket . This track  sets the bar when it comes to Mc's keeping unity as group & being able to put the music first.



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