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FRESHLYBAKED's Exclusive Project Release "Thiswakinglife"

FRESHLYBAKED's Exclusive Project Release "Thiswakinglife"

Official Cover for FRESHLYBAKED'S "  thiswakinglife  "

Official Cover for FRESHLYBAKED'S "thiswakinglife"

Upon the first listen of this wonderful project "thiswakinglife" by Slumpgang777's  own FRESHLYBAKED I knew what I was in for. I KNEW WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR. Creating lucid soundscapes that en-capture the very essence of regret and pleasure at the same time. If that makes sense. The best comparison I can say is if you just got out of a bad breakup and then you stumbled across a pound of weed. 

This project contains 6 heavily produced tracks that (in my opinion) service better when you ACTUALLY watch their visuals (which can be found here). No one in Chicago is doing what they are and you can prove that theory to yourself by just hitting up one of their many gigs. Be sure to stream this project on either Soundcloud, Tidal, iTunes or Spotify! There will be a review on this within the next week before they embark on their mini summer tour!

HERE  is their link to Spotify, one of the many platforms they will be releasing this project under.

Anyways enjoy "Thiswakinglife".

Laye Murashi • Perspective featuring Peace (Single) [@l8ye]

Laye Murashi • Perspective featuring Peace (Single) [@l8ye]

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