w e s t k o r e a • Pools (Beat Tape) [@westkorea]


w e s t k o r e a is a synth-wave beat maker/musician from Eau Claire, WI. He said that he was greatly influenced by Jazz, Classical, and Electronic music. His tape is inspired by his Asian Culture and historical media. He said this project is a culmination of weeks of work in the midst of challenges on all fronts, both musical and personal, and has been both cathartic and rewarding. So as w e s t said dive in to Pools and experience the surreal soundscapes created by a tortured soul with nothing better to do than play Pokemon and watch Miyazaki films!!! 

First off I have to say I really love this project. From the beautiful Jazz sounds to the times where it sounds like something from Pokemon Diamond. It's just an amazing listen. The Electronica vibes from it is also wonderfully meshed together with the more Hip/Hop sound. I recommend everyone go listen to this work of art. Here is the bandcamp link to purchase the tape, you should all go buy it!  westkoreaec.bandcamp.com