E$go • $park$ (LP teaser tracks) [@Fromsunset_]

Peace and pardon my break off the last few weeks.  I had a long-awaited/prepared for written battle to film and then both my sons and I caught the stomach flu which knocked me behind schedule on many things including my scheduled articles for slump.land...

That being said, the Artisan homie E$go hit me up for a write-up reviewing his latest 4-track offering $park$ and I'm definitely feeling the vibes.  Soulful and optimistic from the jump, E$go aka Mr. Curry has a good mixture of straight up rap and actual singing both integrated in his flow, and as catchy choruses.  The production and sound quality are top notch living up to their artisan pedigree.  This is a great example of NY Hiphop showing signs of a new renaissance or some would say, return-to-greatness, though I've always been able to dig up dope examples of NY that defied notions the area fell off or whatever. 

Really diggin the new-school/old-school fusion production style of Urban Nerd beats, a stand out to me is the "Overtime Interlude".  E$go has great taste in beats that suit his almost R&B side, to his more traditional raw MC'ing side with both an up to date, and yet classic feel.

E$go and Akin truly represent for the essence of the culture, and their grind is paying off in spite of haters and sleepers as they continually pump out fire music like H.S.T.A.T., the projects majestic closer.  This particular track is a great way to tie up the project cause A. it's just fire, B. It beckons the listener to want more and is a no brainer to rewind and play back immediately cause of simply how grand the beat and everything goes together, with the best example of E$go's singing on the hook.

Be sure to stay tuned to the #Artisans movement and don't be surprised if collabos between Slumpgang and them bring you some #Artisol flames sooner than later!!!  

-NoFace out