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First Impressions of Erik Salgado • 36 Views of Mount Fuji [EP] [@Erik_Write]

First Impressions of Erik Salgado • 36 Views of Mount Fuji [EP] [@Erik_Write]

In the words of Erik Salgado himself "36 Views of Mount Fuji was inspired by a series of landscape prints by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. The series depicts Mount Fuji from different locations and in various seasons and weather conditions. Erik's background in printmaking lead him to this iconic image. The imagery's iconography is what caught Erik's attention which is why he chose to appropriate the image and use for his album art. The iconography of the image has become part of the everyday life, outside of the Art Institute. The wave emoji on the iphone has become iconic in the everyday text message. Erik has taken inspiration from art history and artists such as Picasso, Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp along with Hip Hop culture to fuel the content within the music.

So lets start off with the first song, Gone. It starts with a wavy instrumental that lasts about 30 seconds as an intro, it then morphs into something that sounds from Pokemon Platinum. He starts rapping about his life, goals, and aspirations. The chorus in this song resonates with me because I too do not know what I'm going to do or go in life. Next track is WOKE. It starts off with another song as a sample and then changes into a unique beat. This song was probably the weakest song on the EP because I personally didn't enjoy it as much as Gone. Then there is Money, which talks about money and it's role in life and society. I like this one because it's a very down to Earth, real life song, because we all need and want money. The final track is Amazing, which is a remake/remix of Ice Cube's It Was A Good Day. So first off I love this beat, that helped this song out quite a bit. He flows very well over this beat making a masterpiece. This song talks about the good things in his life and what he's doing such as "acting a fool". 

All in all this is a strong project in my opinion and definitely worth a purchase or listen. Here are the links to his bandcamp, website, and soundcloud.

Overall I'd rate this project a 7.4/10 Everybody go check it out!

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