SLUMP.LAND Starts League Of Legends Team Do You Play?


How many of you play the Moba "League Of Legends"? Wow that's a lot of you! Haha. Well a few of us here at Slump.Land are avid players of the game and with every new season that passes by it makes me regret not going pro. After reading a lot of articles on the official LoL Message Boards it's not necessarily difficult to get into competitive play, but moreso difficult to maintain. 

With all of that being said we here at Slump.Land are excited to reach out to you League Players to see who would be down to play competitively for the "SLUMPGANG777" Team tagged "SLMPD". We play everyday and are looking for players who have the time to put into this. We aren't the best honestly, but obviously with practice and hella solo queues we'll make it out alright hahah.

Really though. If you're interested in this please add the homies: Kanto Sage, Howlingwolf420, Fifthpower, Kappawack, Khief Cieff Once things start rolling with the team set up and who's on it we will go public as to what strides we will be making with this. Our goal is to reach the Esports level. From the words of my dear friend Bochi. "That shit is hard as hell man. Stick to Drafts. More fun." Haha. 

SLMPD is usually online all day everyday when it comes to LoL, so there should always be someone to run queues with. Anywho thank you to everyone who read this. We're looking forward to seeing who's interested in taking this to the League. Above is a video clip of me getting a Pentakill with Master Yi lmao. He's so broken but it's a PENTA nonetheless lmao! Enjoy.