First Impressions: Pluto's Dogs • Retrograde (EP) [@whotfisduck] [@PlutosDog]

Retrograde EP Cover 2.png

Recently I was hit up by Duck & Smart of Pluto's Dog to give their newest EP a listen and review it. So here we are talking about Retrograde, a project that is heavily focused on how distances effects a relationship. Overall, despite the average mixing of the project, which isn't bad, I really enjoyed this piece of art. I'll be sure ti check out any new project they drop!

My two personal favorite tracks on this EP were White and Usually. They both had a nice melodic vibe to them. White was a beautiful R&B cover song, I loved both artists vocals on this song. Usually was also quite pleasing to the ears. Not only do they sound great the lyrics really connected with me. It's talking about a relationship that's just not working and I can feel their emotions. 

Despite enjoying the project overall I didn't enjoy Blue and Switch Up 2.2 as much. I really loved the lyrics but I didn't enjoy the flow as much as in every other track. Their flows sounded less refined in these two songs then the rest of the project. 

Final Verdict: 7/10

It's clear that they take inspirtation from some of my favorite artists such as Frank Ocean and Sweatshirt. Everyone should go give them a listen, these guys have potential to be R&B legends like Ray J and Usher. Check out the EP below.