•Premiere• FRESHLYBAKED • SorryYouWastedYourTime (EP) [@XFreshlyBakedx]

What the fuck you offering here?
— Father Darko, 2017



Chicago Slumpgang777 Producer Duo. FRESHLYBAKED  (which is a team comprised of: Father Darko & Vahn Coca) have released their latest and greatest drop of 2017 titled "SorryYouWastedYourTime". I find this shit hilarious lmao. These cats are the definition of I don't give a fuck. We all have been through those times where we find that one man or woman and we've told them that we're pieces of shit.

More often times than—not, they wouldn't believe you...until you proved them wrong. When listening to any of FRESHLYBAKED's music I think on the time my lady called me a piece of shit for following my dreams and left. It's relatable music.

The Art Of Being Useless is my favorite off the project. Honestly— when I hear the synths and the progressions it gets me hype to see one of their visuals! Which brings me to my next statement. You've never seen a true audio visual performance until you've booked FRESHLYBAKED for your wedding and or kids birthday party. Do it. You will NOT be disappointed. Do us a favor though! Stream this EP below and drop a comment on what you think! Father and Vahn keep up the great work. 2017 is the year for answers.