First Impressions: Laye Murashi • BE GREAT EP (EP) [@l8ye]


Laye Murashi is a rapper coming from Wisconsin. I had never heard of him before him sending me a link to his newest project. Going In I didn't expect much with how Soundcloud rappers have been most mumble rap and a few gems in the dirt. The minute the first track started and his voice flowed in tune I was blown away. He is brilliant. The vocals are amazing over beautiful beats with quality production. Sadly it's only a 7 track EP, but it had me wanting more so I listened to his Theory Of Dopeness series and they were great as well. 

Let's get into the first half of the EP. The first song is 1Love, and lets say it's what started my love for this project! Laye's vocals just syncs up perfectly with the beats hes given. Next up is Enduring. It starts up sounding like a Jazz or Blues song, it then transforms into a smooth song into which the vocals float over a delicate beat making it my personal favorite. Finally there is Golden which is sort of a brag track that talks about how he has gotten to where he is. It's another great song.

After track 4 which is a skit is Fingers Crossed Interlude which is a Japanese inspired beat with him taking a more aggressive, quick flow. Which is my favorite altogether on this track and on this half. Then comes Same Thing Different Day, which is another how he got to where he is at in this rap game and whats happened to him. The final song is Tired, in this song he tackles what irritates him and how he's exhausted with petty things and how he'll gain success. 

Overall he has instantly became one of my favorite artists, and I think this is in competition for best project of the year! I love his flow and how he adapts it to each beat so beautifully. Of course the added Pokemon and Naruto references are extra points in my books! Overall everyone should go listen to this project dropping tonight at midnight! 

Rating: 9/10