MOJEK releases new song "Wait" off of new upcoming project! (Single) • [@mojekmojek]

You know I gotta keep it low because—I am not the one.
— Mojek, 2017
mojek //待機する

mojek //待機する


Mojek is a Chicago producer and MC from the Rogers Park Area of Chicago has just released a new single off of his first ever vocal project titled "Moji Moji" which is set to release this summer hopefully!

What we have here sounds promising! With the song Wait we get a gritty—yet loose depiction of what it's like living in police infested areas like Uptown/Rogers Park and as an ex-resident of this area I approve.

As expected the production is on point and his vocals definitely hit the pocket on this one! Living on the opposite side of the law is an everyday thing in the world of Moji, and soon you will be listening to this project in its entirety everyday. Please give our resident Mojek a listen below and follow him on Soundcloud & Twitter.