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The Underground @ DIME · Event

The Underground @ DIME · Event

On March 9th the Underground at the Detroit Institute of Musical Education hosted an event this past weekend with a full hip-hop lineup. A DJ took the stage first and played some dope throwback tunes to get the crowd going. The DJ focused on Biggie as it was the anniversary of his death. Everyone knew the words and bonded over their love for Biggie. 

The first rapper that took the stage was King Cam. King Cam spoke about a lot of real life shit but unfortunately the vocals in his backing track overwhelmed his real voice. I would love to hear him perform again without prerecorded vocals. King Cam seemed to have a lot to say but his performance's sound quality distracted from his lyrical prowess. 

Then Amber Chene was up and she really got the crowd interested. Chene had a sexy, persuasive style that hypnotized the audience. Her beautiful bedroom voice filled the venue and spread sensual movement through the crowd. Chene rapped an unreleased track that showed off her quick witted rhymes. This proved she is a complete package with a smooth singing voice and raw bars to match.

Next was BELVE, he came on stage with unbreakable confidence. The dude playing his beats unexpectedly was scratching the record and altering the beat and BELVE told him to start it over from the top and stop fucking with his music. BELVE wanted his music to be performed just as it was intended. He carried this confidence throughout the entire performance. It was cool to see someone carry on with unbreakable energy despite technical difficulties.

Second to last was Wurl Sotto of We!rdoz Gang. He had an interesting almost theatric style with a stage presence to match. Again, unfortunately there was dissonance between his live vocals and the vocals on his backing track. However, aside from that his performance was attention grabbing and vibey. I would love to hear him perform again without relying so much on pre-recorded vocals.

Finally the headliners We!rdoz Gang were up. The energy of this group was insane, their stage presence fit the name of the group perfectly. They had the crowd lettin' loose and chanting "Weirdoz Gang" in no time. They were the perfect cherry on top of this hip-hop setlist. Weirdoz Gang finished off the show with bangers that validated the hype associated with this event. 

This show was great overall, it had a perfect mix of low key lyrically strong rhymes and upbeat bangers. I really hope to hear more rappers cutting the pre-recorded vocals out of their beats, it's great to hear an authentic totally live performance. If you actually got bars, lemme hear it.  

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Wuzee at the Library · Event [@wuzeedee]

Wuzee at the Library · Event [@wuzeedee]