Wuzee at the Library · Event [@wuzeedee]


This review is a bit late but no less important. On February 23rd Grand Rapids based rapper Wuzee performed in the Grand Rapids Public Library. This performance was a part of the library's Music in the Stacks event series. The library invites various local musicians to perform among the rows of books. This event was very special for two main reasons.

One, because Wuzee performed songs from his soon to be released album Tomorrow Never Dies. The songs were so saucy, it made me stoked to be able to listen to the album more in depth. Wuzee struggled a bit attempting to censor his lines, since he was in the library, but aside from that he didn't miss a beat. Wuzee's charismatic stage presence and his dope bars were on point as usual. He kept audience members of all ages engaged and smiling.

The second thing that was so special about this event was the combination of the venue and the music genre. Rap music generally isn't promoted in family-friendly venues like this due to the raw content of some of the songs. However, rap music is much more than swearing and violence. It is true poetry and an art form worthy of being promoted and shared with audiences of all ages. Wuzee's performance was a step in the right direction for validating rap music as a true art form. 

I hope to see more rappers in educational settings in the future. This show is symbolic much like Chance the Rapper's recent donation to the Chicago public school system. These poets have wisdom, inspiration and an amazing passion to share with the youth and they should be able to have their voices heard.