•Premiere• Sage Nebulous • Where Rainbows Never Die (Single) [@sagenebulous]

This song is a clash between masculinity & femininity. The powerful vocals express emotion while the bass drives it into your soul.

The balance is where rainbows never die.
— Sage Nebulous, 2017

Sage has done it again! This time he hit us with the exclusive premiere of his latest upload "Where Rainbows Never Die" which starts off with an ethereal ambiance followed by soothing vocal samples that'll send winter-like chills down your spine! Sage never disappoints when it comes to dropping different music. With the release of his new website (which you can find Here) sage has been on his grind and more consistent with the push of his material and HONESTLY this is what I love to see.

Let this song play in the car at the highest volume while cruisin' the expressway or just roll a fat one and just take a trip to Where Rainbows Never Die. Stream below.