[Gaming] Cop Star Wars: The Old Republic | Written By: Receo Gibson

I remember back when I was in highschool sitting at the lunch table talking to my step-brother Jeremy about the game we had back at the house "Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords".

After having the game for about a year we were (or should I say I was) excited on BIOWARE constructing a 3rd installment for the world renown franchise "Star Wars" game that enabled players to control the fates of all character companions simply by choices selected during in-game conversations & actions.

Checking the IGN forums everyday during study halls and after school I was desperate to find any leads to the production of a KOTOR III. Needless to say I was then disappointed for another year before they finally announced that an MMO styled version of the game titled "Star Wars: The Old Republic" would be coming out.

Peepin the features for the game I was instantly sold. You are able to play as multiple different types of races and professions. This feature alone caters to an entire audience of gamers who love character customization, which gets pretty flashy as you progress more in game. At an early point in the game you are given a space ship that allows you to travel across the galaxy with friends across the world (Online). The game is really interesting when you play the story mode with friends. BIOWARE did a great job blending in the classes with each other so that multi-player instances are always engaging.

Below is a trailer to the latest expansion video. The game is free to play with the option to become a subscriber. I actually play this so if anyone does play don't hesitate to reach out and link up with ya boy on Coruscant!