[Music] Blend - Zuper [Beat LP]

I gently caressed her lime green neck, fondling her rippling air processors under the subtly radiating glow of her bioluminescent fro as it oscillated through my visible spectrum, apparently a great degree lesser than her species'.  As the DJ put on another dull thumper from his generic digicrate, I whispered in suggestion that we retire to my zero gravity chamber for a more intimate encounter and a far superior soundtrack aboard this luxury hospitality station orbiting a binary star as if to symbolize the implied nature of its usage.  Oh, the inter-gallactic shaggadelia of it all. 

We enter with a monolithic *bleep* as my identity is verified and the air lock is activated between the corridor and my deluxe zero G suite.  My eyes frolic up and down her voluptuous alien curves as they rise in an effortless float after we pass through the air lock.  Her proficiency in disrobing that skin tight get up is alluring as a dance cascading pieces of her garments slowly through inertia as I somewhat clumsily try to match her enthusiasm for "something more comfortable".  I'm a rugged space-fighter pilot/smuggler-for-hire after all, not quite the expert in smooth operations of this variety, in this type of space.  Nevertheless, I am a pimp. And every pimp needs a perfect soundtrack to his cosmic pimpin'... and mine this evening...

Blend [Beat LP] - by Zuper  (Available at: https://zuper.bandcamp.com/album/blend )

An atmospheric blend of downtempo boombap, electrambience, and sophisticated trap thumps-n-staccato, this is the perfect backdrop to many an activity any [slump lander] could employ.  Whether you're a visual artist like our own Aiselife, prolifically constructing genuine relics of an evolved calibre, shifting the era of genre into a brand new reality tunnel like our fearless leader Säge, or just getting hella zooted in your mecha, spitting double-time entendres off the dome, cruising through the quadrants of your choice, perhaps scoping the local delites, with Akira-esque colored light blurring past you on your adventures... Blend is exactly what the title infers.  A suitable sonic tone setter that blends perfectly with the chiller vibes of a [slump land] voyage.  Bon Voyagé my fellow tripperz on trax ;) til next time, I bid thee splendid splurges of self indulgence and scifidelic telekinesis towards your own neo-cellular mitosis beyond the realm of shell. I'm ghost

PS It's also a great soundtrack for freaky tales if my first two paragraphs didn't make that abundantly clear. #brownchickenbrowncow

- NoFace out