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Get to know Chicago's Northside JoJo + Slump.Session!

Get to know Chicago's Northside JoJo + Slump.Session!



It's that time again Godz! Today we are airing the next slump session! On the previous one we would drop 3 at a time, but from now on we will be showcasing 1 artist per feature! 

The featured artist today is Chicago native Northside JoJo, CEO of +Vibe. The homie was very chill and cooperative with the session and even put a few in the air with the! One thing a lot of artists these days lack is genuine personality, and that's exactly what we got from the brother JoJo. He also moves around alot! Not being limited to the city is especially key when doing this rap shit here, and I gotta hand it to him he's doing it. Hahah, but Just to keep from trailing off the topic you all can scroll down below and check out the brief Q&A we had with him —just to get a little more about who he is! You can also view the latest Slump.Session with him by clicking Here. Thank You JoJo for your time! We hope to get some submissions from you soon!





S: Where are you from?

J -I am from one of the strongest upcoming groups in northside chicago , +VIBE.

S; What inspired your name?

J -My name "Northside JoJo" is a mixture of what side of the city im from , along with my childhood nickname. 

S: How long have you been making music?

J -I've been writing since about 5th grade , transitioned it to raps about 7th grade , then finally recorded my first time ever in freshman year. Kept growing from there.

S: What is your style of music if you were to label it?

J -DarkTrapHop , mixture of deep,  jumpy trap , meaningful and real music. 

S: What do you want most out of all this work you're putting in?

J -RESULTS , I want to show people that I was serious about my craft. I want my craft to take everyone I love out this place I hate. 

S: What is your favorite cereal? Can you eat it without milk?

J -If i had to pick one cereal I'd die. I breathe,  sleep and shit cereal! And it depends how high I am. If im too stoned ill be lazy to add milk !

What is your favorite Cartoon?

J -Idk if family Guy counts,  or Simpsons

S: Most recent Video Game that hadn't released that you are waiting on?

J -I'm always waitin on a new GTA. Resident evil just dropped so yea , not that one.

S: What do you want your fans to get out of listening to your music?

J -Goosebumps... i notice a few listeners when they sit and hear new shit they get chills. I want it to inspire people , get em in the right VIBE.

S: Where can we new fans find your music?


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