Brittany Nacole • Changed My Mind (Single) • (prod. Lord Haiti) [@Brittany_Nacole] [@LordHaiti]

I’ve been to many many places, fell in love with all the wrong faces. 
— Brittany Nacole, 2017
ブルターニュナコル // 気が変わった

ブルターニュナコル // 気が変わった

Brittany Nacole is a vibrant— multi-talented artist who's been in and around the Chicago Renaissance scene for a while now spreading love and positive awareness through her artwork. It's been a long time coming and with the release of her newest single we can only expect her highly anticipated project which she's been talking about will be coming soon..

The song being mentioned today is titled Changed My Mind which was produced by Lord Haiti. The song from what I gathered was referencing to the past when one was at a time defenseless and open to being hurt by a potential force or lover. Her singing is on point and she's developing a sound. Over the recent months I know she has been working diligently on her project titled "Earf Gurl". There's been bumps on the road, but she's proved on this song that none of that is going to stop her. We can't rush greatness but I wonder when she will be ready to hit us with that new body of music. Earf Gurl TBA.