[Music] Jimmy Pham [@JimmyPhamMusic]- Room 202 | Written by: Mackenzie Tucker

Jimmy Pham recently released an EP titled “ROOM 202”. This three track EP also includes a skit before each song. The story told is one most of us are all too familiar with; dude decides to go out to a party with his homies, his girl says she’s staying home for the night. But then when he’s chillin’ at the party he sees his girl dancing with another guy. He confronts her at the party and y’all know what’s next: the bitch starts blowing up his phone tryin’ to explain herself. Listen to this album to get all in your feelings only to be revived by the track NO MRE. “Cause if he can bag her, you shouldn’t want her no more.

Jimmy Pham has his smooth sound on lock.  Even though he plays the part of the heartbroken guy in this song, his sexy tracks make it seem like he’s the one tryin’ to steal your girl.  Jimmy Pham recently separated from his band Enough For Now to pursue a solo career and I’d say it’s going pretty well for him so far.

Check it out.