[Video] Kid Breeze [@TheActualBreeze]- Trillnatic (Freestyle) shot by: (@rickee_arts)| Written by: Receo Gibson


Coming from the west side of Chicago with the funky funky style and the funky swag 25 year old "Kid Breeze" hits us with a hard-hitting visual/ remix to the ASAP MOB 2013 single "Trillmatic" done by Rickee Arts.

When going through this submission it was said that Breeze was heavy in lyricism and old school vibes they were right! From the production to the delivery and the overall theme of the video everything was cohesive and fit. Needles to say Breeze captured the essence of the 90s era perfectly with this one. Kid Breeze is a member of the production team "Tha Shipmates" who stands behind "Providing Quality Music For The Streets". If this is the first time you've heard of these guys make sure it isn't last!

Shot by Rickee Arts