[GAMING] H1Z1-DO NOT BUY | Written By: Emerson Thompson


    Now let me tell you young children a sad, sad story. A story about a game fit for no one to EVER play. That game is called H1Z1. This game was in early access as a zombie survival crafting game for over a year and a half. But where did Daybreak first mess up, aside from screwing over Everquest and cancelling Everquest Next, F you Daybreak. It had the issue of being an apparent DayZ clone, and a shit one at that. It had two modes one being a survival mode and and the other an arena style battle royale. Cool right? Yeah, no. It was a buggy mess and even after two years the game is still BROKEN! On top of having a TERRIBLE game priced at $20 that was promised to go free to play after early access, split into two separate games both costing TWENTY FREAKING DOLLARS. Yes that is right you get two broken games for the price of FORTY DOLLARS. Now lets get into the bigger bugs. 

  • Dying to the environment! So many times you'll get a sweet little death message saying Died by.......! That is game-breaking and utterly unacceptable. Funnily enough I played one game this week and died within the first game to the environment.
  • Shit connection! You will get latency issues and bullets that should've hit miss for no reason, now of course this could be bad coding of hit boxes but bad servers doesn't help.
  • If you want more bugs to see what Daybreak will "fix" follow this link: http://h1z1forum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=23

    So please please do yourself a favor and NEVER BUY THIS GAME!!!!