[Music] Klive Kraven [@KLIVEKRAVEN, @7thboro] - Death Comes In The Dawn (ALBUM)

"You'll be taken out one after the other, 
and a smock made of rubber as your face is grazed with the blade, you blubber, 
mentions his wife, said he loved her, 
then I slit his throat, 
tossed him in the dumpster" - Klive Kraven (Dexter's Code)

Death Comes In The Dawn is Maryland based emcee Klive Kraven's return to rap after two years. This project follows it's predecessor, Death Comes In The Dusk, released in 2011. This album delivers grimey boom bap with a sinister twist and battle-esque lyricism. A reasonable description of this music is it resembles the rap soundtrack of a slasher flick. Klive Kraven's musical vibe is perfect for fans of Necro and Celph Titled. Death Comes In The Dawn is released exclusively via 7thBoro.com and Goldminded Records, of which Klive Kraven is President and C.E.O. Artwork by Klive Kraven.

Production featured from Klive Kraven himself, Plague Plenty, Vherbal, Eisenhauer, The Kurse, Volks, Edd Bundy, Viking, Tha Soloist, Quantum Leap, Caligaricutz, Rouge Gorge, Automate, and Dark Arts. Guest appearance from King Magnetic and cuts by DJ TMB.

Download Death Comes In The Dawn for free from 7th Boro. (CLICK HERE)

Check out Klive Kraven's single, "Brutal Behemoths" ft. King Magnetic, and back artwork below.