[Gaming] Owlboy: Buy or Fly | Written By: Emerson Thompson

     A few years ago an indie dev started a labor of love called Owlboy. It was going to be a 2D pixel art plat-former, I expected another sup-par piece of shit game. But as they showed more about this project it looked stunning. So here we are a few months after it came out and I finally got to playing it. I have to say this game is freaking amazing. 

      Lets get into the review: 
Art: 10/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Fun: 9/10

    The pixel art in this game is gorgeous period. Its the best pixel art I've ever seen and I've played A LOT of indie games with piss poor pixel art and this was very refreshing. The game runs amazing never dipping below 60 FPS on my PC. The controls take getting use to because you play as Otis, a mute, friendly owlboy. He is constantly belittled by his master and finds joy in his friend Geddy. Whats so unique about this game is that Otis cannot attack, he can do a spin that stuns an enemy but cannot hurt them.  So you use NPCs that you pick up (Geddy, Alphonse, and more), you then use their weapons which are different to take on bosses and mobs. Overall this was a very refreshing experience and I recommend it to everyone. 

Overall Score: