[News] Random Radio Podcast Show [@RRPShow] An Internet Radio Show Redefining The Standards | Written By Quote Verbs

In a world where artists of all genres are finding it more and more difficult to be heard, I joyfully present to you the Random Radio Podcast Show. A breath of fresh air from the norm of "pay to play" podcast...I was highly pleased with every second of it. I was introduced to music from all over the world, and I do mean ALL OVER. From an Alternative Rock band in Belgium to a Hip Hop act out of Japan, if it was submitted to them they played it. Without ever requiring the artist to send a payment for the service. This is what a true platform that caters to artists should resemble. They even have a Random Battle, where they put 2 artists' songs to a listeners vote for the chance to open the show for a month. Now that's some serious love! And the host Lorenzo Tomas is captivating just to say the least. Touching on topics ranging from all scopes of life his weekly Random Rants kept me enthralled. Overall the entire show had me ready to hear future episodes. This is definitely a great opportunity for you aspiring acts so don't sleep on it. You can find their submission information here.