[Music] Razz Na$-T [@RazzNaxT] Show Review | Written By: Mackenzie Tucker

Photo taken by Andy Miller

Photo taken by Andy Miller

The Pyramid Scheme was pumping with hip-hop sounds when I walked through the door. A couple of acts went before Razz Na$-T, but I spent my time checking out his merch. Razz Na$-T collaborates with Green Mitten Apparel run by Danny Griffith. All of the clothing they produce is 100% organic. You could cop yourself a Razz Na$-T t-shirt with a mug shot on it printed on all organic materials. There was a wide variety of designs and styles, not to mention free stickers and free copies of Razz Na$-T’s latest project “Midas Well”.  Razz Na$-T definitely had the merch game on lock, but what about the rap game?

Finally Razz Na$-T took the stage with Ogos, his partner in crime. Razz Na$-T and Ogos used to be in a group called Mad Snipes together and now Ogos acts as his best friend and hype man. Ogos taught Razz Na$-T a lot about making music and he’s the one who got him into hip hop in the first place. They came on stage in masks exploding with energy.  Razz Na$-T was wearing a faux fur coat, which he later disclosed he obtained for $9 at Captain Bizzaro’s Treasure World, with an American flag shirt underneath. Ogos was clad in a blue Dunder Mifflin t-shirt, which later on provided a bonding moment with the audience regarding mutual love for The Office. Eventually they removed their masks and then like Rapunzel, Razz Na$-T let down his dreads.

I had heard Razz Na$-T’s music online and to be honest I expected that his live performance would be lackluster in comparison to the animated, powerful vocals in his recordings. But I couldn’t have been more wrong, Razz Na$-T’s performance was consistent with the wild recordings I had heard. His overall stage presence was theatrical and mesmerizing. He didn’t lip sync, he didn’t rely on a vocal backing track to keep his lyrics straight. It was a dope performance all around.

Razz Na$-T generally keeps his political opinions to himself however last minute he chose to cover Brother Ali’s “Uncle Sam Goddamn” clearly bringing attention to the corruption in our country. He didn’t go to in depth regarding the purpose of this cover, but he later disclosed it was a stance against the consumerism driven daze we live in, it was an attempt to raise awareness regarding the fact that we may not be as free as we’re told. Needless to say, after this energetic and meaningful performance Razz Na$-T has the rap game on lock too.